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Who Have You Invited to The Apprentice? by orchardblog
September 22, 2004, 1:42 pm
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Throughout the months of August and September The Orchard has been preparing for a new series, The Apprentice, which begins at The Orchard this weekend, Sunday, Sept. 26th! The staff team as well as a wide range of volunteers have put their heads together in an attempt to kick off this series with a BOOM!

More than 60 volunteers from The Orchard have made it possible for us to invite 4,000 families to The Apprentice series. Last week over 20 volunteers stuffed bags that would be distributed to 4,000 homes – each bag included an invite to The Apprentice and a coupon for a free drink from Common Grounds cappuccino bar. This past weekend volunteers gave up their Saturday to invite their community to this exciting series. Thank you on behalf of The Orchard to all those who contributed to the canvassing project last weekend – what a tremendous difference this group made!

So many people will never attend a church service because no one took the time to invite them. Many people who received an invite last weekend explained that they’ve been “looking for a church”, “thinking about visiting The Orchard”, or were just thankful to get the invite. People seemed excited about this series and to learn more about what’s happening at The Orchard.

Who have you invited to The Orchard for this exciting new series?

Don’t miss out on the chance to invite your friends and family to join us on a journey to discover what God had to say about being the ultimate apprentice.


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