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The Fast and the Furious by orchardblog
November 8, 2004, 5:15 pm
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Yesterday, driving home after our second football game with some of the men from the Orchard, I began thinking about kindness and the message from that morning.

I contemplated the actions of kindness when our “feelings” don’t align with the “fuzzy’s” of being kind. How many of us come home from a busy and stressful day and the last thing we want is to “ooze” the kindness of God–or any type of kindness for that matter.

I would suggest that many of us get caught in the whirlwind of life and we negate any type of sensitivity to those around us. We become self-absorbed, self-important, and just down right UN-kind!

The other day I came home from a busy and stressful day, I walked into the house and my wife, as usual, is ready to give me a big hug. Honestly, I wasn’t wanting a hug at the moment. I was so absorbed with that day (with the “cares of life” as Jesus said — Mark 5) that I didn’t want to be kind. I remember, stopping my negative thoughts and just saying to Kathryn, “I’m sorry, give me 10 minutes to just re-align my thoughts. I don’t want you to think I am mad at you…so give me 10 minutes.”

During those 10 minutes I was able to re-align my thoughts and heart to be kind, loving, tender, and sensitive to those around me.

What does this mean for The Orchard Community, and those who are regular readers of this blog? It means, that many of us can be so absorbed into our day, going 100 mph, that we forget to allow God to work through us.

Sometimes we just need to stop, and just readjust how we are dealing with a situation. Remember, growing in kindness is not a destination, but a process.


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