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identity, self-image and self-worth by orchardblog
November 27, 2004, 3:08 pm
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the last few days i’ve been mulling over the concept of identity.

have you ever noticed that society, not as a whole, but generally speaking, seems to have their identity wrapped around what they do “right?” if for some reason what they do right is questioned by a boss, spouse, friend, or even an acquaintance…watch out…the defenses come up! why?

i would suggest to you that while our strengths may play a role in helping us do things right, sometimes we wrap our worth around what we do “right.” therefore, we feel that if someone questions what we do “right”, then they are invariably questioning our worth.

in my opinion, i do believe that we should play to our strengths when it comes to fulfilling a task. i also think our strengths can become our greatest weakness. what do i mean?

i mean, if we are not careful, if we find our self-worth or identity in our strengths (or what we do right), if that becomes questioned at some point in life, then we feel inadequate, even belittled.

this is why, as a christ-follower, our worth isn’t found in our strengths. our worth is found in his strengths. while i do want to forge ahead in life and allow my strengths to help me, i don’t want to have my identity revolved around it.

my suggestion to you is to establish your worth in the identity of christ! for it is there that you will find the acceptance and worth of god for your life!


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