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It is generally easier to hear about serving than to actually serve by orchardblog
February 20, 2005, 2:44 pm
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Lately I have been studying servanthood, as it pertains to church leadership/volunteerism, as well as serving others in our lives outside of church.

I was reading recently where a leader was talking about living a life of servanthood. He issued a caution in his writings, he said: It is generally easier to hear about serving than to actually serve. (True story) This leader relayed that he knew a woman who, when she was facing an important operation, asked her husband to look after the children over the weekend. He said no, he was going to attend a huge rally for men that would teach them how to live as Christian husbands and fathers. He refused to serve his wife on the grounds that he had to attend a conference where he would be taught and inspired to SERVE HIS WIFE!

What I gathered from this author’s writings, which I found completely valid, was that inspirational materials and teachings on servanthood are inspiring, encouraging and life-changing (if applied), but many times we miss the opporunities, because we are too enthrolled with “self.”

Maybe we can take a lesson from this author – stop “just” listening to servanthood ideas, and start actually serving others.

Let us all say it together…”OUCH!”


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