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Mind Games by orchardblog
April 27, 2005, 4:35 pm
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This morning I got up ruminating on our talk last weekend at The Orchard. I was thinking about what life would look like spending every waking moment remembering that God is “here” — present in this very moment. Then, I found myself thinking about what life would look like if I add God-type thoughts to my every day, sometimes “boring” life. How does that play out in our ordinary days?

This morning I began by inviting God into my day. I vocalized my dependence on Him and asked for Him to be present in my decisions today. THEN, all of a sudden, after my mini-prayer my mind began to wander. It went something like this:

“…Amen….. I have a lot to do today. I wonder what I will eat for breakfast…wait, I don’t eat breakfast. Did I leave my cell phone in my truck last night? I hope my battery isn’t drained…that wouldn’t be good. Oh yeah, I need to get an oil change…I hope I can find somewhere inexpensive. The last place I went didn’t do a good job. Maybe I will go to this new place on Randall close to where I get my haircut. Haircut…I think my hair is to short, someone said I look like I was 11 the other day…that wasn’t funny…okay…maybe it was. I better get to church…maybe I will eat breakfast.”

Do you ever find your mind wandering like that? It can be odd sometimes. The reality is that our mind is NEVER still. I heard someone once say, “we are having thoughts, observations, perceptions, and ideas coming at us at such a staggering rate that we don’t even remember a majority of them!” How true is that!

I said that to say, have you ever had thoughts like this? Thoughts that were all over the page. Want to share (they can be humorous)?


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