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Waiting can be a drag by orchardblog
May 11, 2005, 11:09 am
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Don’t you think that waiting can be a drag? I think as a culture, waiting has become a necessary evil. Waiting is weaved into the fabric of our every day life. We wait in lines at the grocery store, we wait for our food to be done in the microwave (which takes too long), we wait for the doctor at the doctors office (ironically called the waiting room), we wait for the driver in front of us to realize that the light has turned GREEN, and we also wait sometimes for our prayers to be answered.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why God takes so long to answer our prayers? I have. Sometimes, our concept of praying and God answering those prayers is orbited by the mindset of a culture that doesn’t like to wait. Moreover, sometimes we might feel that since God hasn’t answered those prayers on our time clock (called NOW), God will never answer them.

Many of us may vouch for the fact that we have had our prayers answered. We could also attest to the fact that sometimes it is a waiting game. Waiting on God sometimes requires paitent trust. Do I trust that God has good reasons for saying “wait”? Will I remember during those waiting moments that things look different to God because of his eternal perspective?

This weekend we are starting a series on prayer called Vertical Reality. We will be discussing various aspects of prayer, for example, like I mentioned above — the waiting game. Come check it out starting THIS weekend!

By the way, have you ever found yourself questioning why God takes so long in answering prayers? If so, what did some of those “waiting moments” look like?


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