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How do you pray? by orchardblog
May 23, 2005, 2:58 pm
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I was thinking this week about what I could write in my first ever blog. I wanted something that would be meaningful and “hopefully” not too boring! When Scott spoke about transparent prayer something came to me…
Growing up I had a hard time praying out loud (actually I still don’t love it but I will if I have to!) When my Sunday school teacher would ask “who wants to pray today?” everyone would raise their hand high…except me. I would sink as low as I possibly could and hope she would not call my name!
One Sunday – I was 11 years old or so – she finally asked me why it was I did not like to pray? I told her I don’t ever know what to say. She told me something that I will never forget…she said I should try just having a conversation with God – like I would my girlfriend. I thought that was ridiculous! Why would God want to hear all that “stuff?” I thought about it that night and began to have a conversation with (my friend) God. I was able to open up and express myself and I didn’t have to worry about saying the right words.
How do you pray? Are you able to converse with God as you would a good friend?


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