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June 8, 2005, 8:24 pm
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Have you ever prayed that God would lead you and guide you through a specific time of your life, and as you began to see the path He was leading you towards, you realized it would be challenging and very difficult?

John Ortberg, a pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, says:

“When God leads his people, he does not move hastily. He is never in a hurry. It is one of his most irritating qualities. He is the God who takes his people to the Promised Land by way of the desert.”

John Ortberg refers to God’s leading you through the desert as the roundabout way.

Many of us have experienced the desert at some point or another. You cry out to God, but you don’t sense his presence. Having faith suddenly seems so difficult. You face the question of perseverance. Will I follow God even when I don’t understand what He’s doing?

It sounds odd, but the desert is sometimes the setting where we experience the depth of God’s love, and his love speaks to our hearts in a deeper way. Maybe you’re in the desert and you’re feeling that you have nothing to offer, you’re feeling rocked by doubt in your life.

The desert is often the place where God meets us and reassures us that He could not love us more than He does at that very moment. Ortberg says:

“To be loved when we are feeling unlovely, unlovable — that’s life to someone who’s dying. That’s grace. The desert really was intended to be a place where God could be present with his people, so they could come to know and trust him… in the desert there are no achievements to be made, no battles to win, just God and his people. The desert was to be a life of love.”

If you’re not in the desert now, you may be there soon — we all seem to go there at some point, and usually more than once. We have to remember God’s way, the roundabout way, is not quick and easy, but God is at work in the desert. Ortberg reminds us:

“Ultimately, he is not nearly as concerned with where his people are going as who they will be when they get there.”


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