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Was it “JUST” God? by orchardblog
June 22, 2005, 10:14 am
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I’ve been thinking about the statement that we make sometimes, “I had nothing to do with that happening, it was JUST God?” I believe we have a misunderstanding in our contemporary world of how God works in human history.

It seems to me, that if something bad happens in life, it was obviously you or me, not God. But, on the flip side of the coin, if something good happens, it’s obviously not your or me, but God. It sounds something like this: “It wasn’t me, it was the Lord.”

Frankly, I’ ve heard some terrible singing that the singer explained wasn’t him or her, but the Lord. Of course, if you are like me, you might think to yourself, Does God really sing that bad? However, I have experienced some awesome kindness. Even when WELL INTENDED, to say, “It wasn’t me, only the Lord,” demeans the marvelous work of God in the life of an individual.

I believe God has something for all of us to do — not to sit back and WATCH Him do or passively wait for Him to do, but a calling that God waits for you to embrace, pursue, and fulfill. Now, get this, God chooses to entrust His most sacred work to people just like you and me.

Can you imagine when God commanded his people to take the land! Can you imagine if Joshua set up camp along the Jordan and just enjoyed a season of fishing and basking in the sun. I think Joshua would have been thrilled if God said, “There are giants in the land. I need a little time to get Canaan ready for you. Just wait and be patient, enjoy your stay, and when everything is prepared I’ll send for you.”

Wouldn’t that have been nice for Joshua? Actually, I would submit to you, that it would be TERRIBLY BORING! God expected way more from Joshua and His people. God would give them the land, BUT they would have to take it! God would go with them, but he would not go FOR them. A big difference!

God always chose people to lead the way! Let us remind ourselves that we are God’s vessel to be used by Him. Let us NOT demean the marvelous work of God in the life of an individual — celebrate it!


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