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What questions are you asking? by orchardblog
August 26, 2005, 5:44 pm
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Recently I read a book that was very challenging to my mind and heart. The book is called Velvit Elvis (I know, interesting title), by Rob Bell.

Around the same time the book came out someone interviewed Rob Bell and asked about the books content, but also, one of the last questions the interviewer asked was this:

Do you have a favorite prayer or a favorite mantra that you like?

Rob said: My favorite and most oft-repeated mantra is probably, “God, what are you telling me now?” When I’m studying or running or just trying to make it through a difficult day or work through criticism or work through praise, whatever it is, “What are you saying to me through this? What is the deeper stream? What are you pointing out? What is the thing going on that is missing?”

I certainly connected with Rob’s answer. It definitley chimed in my own heart and mind. Especially the first question he asks himself, “God, what are you telling me now?” I love that!

Maybe we should stop, even right now, and say, “God, what are you telling me now?” Take a moment. Do it. Be silent for a moment. Be uncomfortable.


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