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Responding to Hurricane Katrina by orchardblog
August 31, 2005, 10:43 pm
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As you know from watching the news and seeing the images online, catastrophe has struck New Orleans and many other areas along the Gulf of Mexico. The stories of destruction seem to keep pouring in one after another. Of course, the big question is, “What can I do to get involved?” So I wanted to take a minute and give you a couple of ways to get involved.

1. Pray

We really believe that prayer makes a big difference! I want to encourage you to pray for the rescue efforts and for the families of those who are searching for or who have lost loved ones. Let’s also pray for stability in this region. You may not be able to be there physically to help with the rescue efforts or even in a position to help monetarily, but you can pray.

2. Give.

There are a lot of reputable organizations who are collecting donations for the victims. Here are a couple of links worth visiting. Please donate directly through these organizations instead of through The Orchard at this time.

Disaster Relief (Through our AG fellowship)
FEMA (links to several reputable organizations)
Convoy of Hope

3. Stay Tuned

Over the next several days and weeks we will be hearing about further opportunities to be involved. Stay tuned to balanced media outlets to help keep the situation at the forefront of your mind and heart.

Even though these types of occurences don’t make much sense, we can be confident that even in the midst of disaster God always touches people’s hearts. Right now we are hearing stories of disaster. But with these stories also come stories of God’s redemption and provision.

God is good.


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