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Why do people serve? by orchardblog
March 21, 2006, 3:53 pm
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I had the privilege of attending an outstanding children’s ministry conference at Willow Creek Church last week. One of my favorite sessions was with Bill Hybels.

He asked the question, “What causes someone to serve?”

He pointed out how much EASIER it would be for us to just sleep in or ‘let someone else’ do the work. Why do people give up their time, talent, and treasure to serve others?

He said that this has to do with something he called “Holy Discontent.” It’s a matter of seeing something that you want to make better, and not being content unless you can get involved in making it better.

God has a passion to make things better. He is looking for people whose passion matches His passion–so that He can use them in a POWEFUL and POSITIVE way!

I Timothy 6:18-19 tells us that we are to be rich in GOOD DEEDS and by doing this we will take hold of REAL LIVING!

My passion is seeing kids love God with all their heart. My passion refuses to let me sit idly by, watching kids grow up without knowing Jesus Christ as their friend. I know God has this passion. Since I’ve hooked up my passion with God’s passion, I have experienced REAL LIVING!

What is your passion? In what area is God able to meet up with YOU to make a POWERFUL and POWERFUL difference in the life of others?

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Great POST!

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