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Easter at The Orchard! by orchardblog
April 19, 2006, 9:46 am
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The more I think about this past weekend at The Orchard, the more excited I get! We had our largest Easter weekend EVER! Over 1,000 people walked through our doors this past weekend!

And the Easter Egg Hunt…WOW! TONS OF EGGS. TONS OF KIDS. TONS OF INCREDIBLE VOLUNTEERS. It was really an awesome site!

And our teams… WOW! Our teams did a stellar job at all four services. Production and media was top notch. Our music team was incredible. The Welcome Teams, the Orchard Kid's volunteers, the Common Grounds coffeehouse team, the Orchard Maintenance team, the parking lot gang and whoever else I'm missing – YOU GUYS DID AN INCREDIBLE JOB!

Sunday afternoon I walked away pretty exhuasted, yet SO PROUD of everyone! I have no doubt that the experience we created for every person who walked onto our campus was top notch! It's amazing what happens when a team pulls together and decides to put others first!

Thank you Orchard community for giving it your best! God used ALL OF US in a HUGE way!


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Easter weekend at the Orchard was like one BIG GOOSE BUMP!!!!!


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