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May 23, 2006, 1:19 pm
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In the book, Beyond Belief to Convictions, Josh McDowell says, "The Primary responsiblity of training up a child to believe in Christ and his Word belongs to parents. And if there was ever a time when parents desperately needed empowering tools to help them in the task of leading their children to deepened convictions, it is today."

If you were at The Orchard on Sunday we put an "empowering tool" in your hand.

We gave out Family Wise Virtue Packs that are designed to be a reinforcement to what your children are learning in Wahabu Land.

The FamilyTimes™ tools do not involve preparation nor do they have to be pulled off a book shelf.

Included in the pack are:

  • Bed time stories
  • Meal Time Discussion cards
  • Morningtime Notecards
  • CD (contains music and a story for children, as well as helpful parenting tips for parents)

The plan is based on the Hebrew method of teaching children (from Deuteronomy 6:7). It helps parents reprioritize four significant times that are routine within every home.

If you weren't at The Orchard on Sunday and would like one. Go to and check out their resources.

We hope that this will be an effective tool in helping your children develop faith and character.

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I have heard about this and I am interested in it, but it is a little expensive. I noticed that there is a coupon code option that may make is more reasonable. Do you have the coupon code for ordering a subscription?

Comment by Daniel Brown

I saw that “coupon code” area, too, but unfortunately I don’t have a coupon and don’t know how to get one!

If you find out, let me know!

Comment by kathryn

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