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7 ways to study the Bible by orchardblog
June 1, 2006, 2:45 pm
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1. Ask God to open your eyes and heart before you begin reading.

2. Read whole chapters and books for an overview of Scripture.

3. Read and re-read smaller passages for more depth.

4. Pick a verse to memorize this week.

5. Make notes on what a passage reveals about God.

6. Underline and circle meaningful verses.

7. Use colored pencils or markers to highlight different themes.

–Becoming: The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament (Thomas Nelson)

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I’ve been using a website that sends me an email everyday with a link to the section of scripture I’ve signed up to receive. They offer (free) 13 different plans to read the bible–the whole bible in a year or maybe just the New Testament or Psalms or Proverbs in a shorter amount of time. It was a HUGE help in developing a habit of reading scripture regularly. You can also choose which translation of the bible to receive and can look up each passage in a different translation. I didn’t think I would like it via computer but it worked for me. You can also print out the plan if you prefer to use hardcopy bibles!

Comment by Joni

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