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Who dropped it? by orchardblog
June 14, 2006, 2:45 pm
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I read a story recently about a family who had a valuable antique vase that had been in their family for several generations. One day the daughter came to her mom and dad and said, "You know that antique vase that you told us has been passed down from generation to generation? Well…our generation just dropped it."

We so often here about the bad things that are happening in the world around us. It's easy for us to point our fingers at the younger generation and shake our heads in disbelief. But this generation didn't "drop it." Our world became "broken" when Adam and Eve took a bite of that forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Sin has been passed down from generation to generation.

What are you doing to invest in the next generation? Are you showing them how to make a difference in the world or just shaking your head in disappointment?

Instead of feeling hopeless about what is happening in the world, why don't you work with me to invest in our children. We can work together to make a difference in our world!!

Posted by Kathryn Egly


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Well said, Kathryn!! I will take your note as a challenge for me to try more to encourage young people, not criticize them. Thanks again.

Comment by Doug

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