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June 27, 2006, 7:48 pm
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I made a quick trip down to Bloomington and back today for some church meetings with a bunch of other pastors from our fellowship.  And I just have to say – there are a lot of great churches in this area, but I am SO SO SO SO glad that I am a part of The Orchard.  It’s really beyond words how honored I am to not only lead but also just be a part of our church community.

It’s a good place, isn’t it?

(Sounds like a new tagline: “The Orchard: It’s a good place, isn’t it?”)  LOL….

So anywho…  Just needed to get that off my mind.  Thanks for listening.

Now it’s upstairs to tuck the girls in bed and then a little reading before crashing out.

G’nite friends.

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The Orchard is a Great Place!

Comment by Sandy

We are truely blessed to have such a great community of people to spend life with.

Comment by Dave

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