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November 13, 2006, 3:00 pm
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Ted and I will be celebrating 5 years of marraige on Friday!!

Yes, we are still practically newlyweds, but we plan to make it the LONG HAUL. Marraige has taught me so much about myself (the good and the bad), as well as how to (and how NOT to) communicate! I am thankful for a spouse that believes in and encourages me on a daily basis!

I was reading something the other day, that I thought could benefit all of us who are married:

Couples who made the LONG HAUL had a FIVE-to-one ratio of POSITIVE to negative communications.”

Take the time today (okay, take 5 times today) to compliment your spouse!

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Happy Anniversary !!!

Comment by Sandy

I hope both of you have a great time this weekend! Happy Anniversary!

Comment by Sheila

Congratulations! 5 yrs is nothing to sneeze at. That’s just the adjustment time!!!! At 5 yrs, Doug & I looked at some agreements we made(& wrote down)before we got married to see how we were doing. Well, we laughed at about 1/2 of them and threw them out. We’d been pretty dreamy-eyed in our courtship. But we set out some new “policies” to guide how we deal with each other and its been a huge blessing to our marriage and subsequent family. Enjoy your weekend and turn off your phones!

Comment by Joni

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