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No Heaven or Hell by orchardblog
December 5, 2006, 12:26 pm
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Someone asked recently if I would believe in Jesus even if there were no heaven or hell. Stop right now and think about how you would answer that…

Great question, huh?

I paused to think about the question…Then I realized that I would definitely follow Jesus, in spite of whether heaven and hell existed.

Following Jesus has made my life SO much RICHER! He’s given me wisdom and direction. He’s helped me find a great spouse. He’s been my friend and my Father. He’s brought true joy and peace into my life.

What about you? Would you follow Him, even if there were no heaven or hell?

Posted by Kathryn Egly


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Great question Kathryn. I think it just goes to prove that following Jesus IS the BEST way to live – PERIOD.

Comment by scott hodge

Heaven and Hell is not a reason to follow Jesus. Before finding Jesus I felt my life was on a meaningless path. Now I have a purpose and a path that is filled with happiness and discovery.

Comment by Jody Brazee

That’s a hard question for me because my over-analytical brain starts wondering: if there’s no heaven and hell, does Jesus live on earth? What’s the reward of enduring trials(other than growth) and to what final end? Sometimes you only get through what you’re going through knowing there is a better life ahead. With no heaven or hell, would there be no need for redemption, the cross or resurrection? And on and on. Actually making the turn from believing in Jesus to following Jesus (a work in progress), has changed my life right now. I’ve just never pondered it in a different context. Things that make ya’ go Hmm.

Comment by Joni

Absolutely! There really is no fulfillment in using Jesus as fire insurance.

Comment by Bekah

Some very good conversation on this topic on Joni’s blog.

Click on her name above to check it out.

Comment by Doug Ruhs

Yes, I would.

Because of who He is, He deserves recognition, praise and glory, even from my own tiny lungs. Not what he can do for me, but what I can and must do for him; for if I knew him, I would love and appreciate him like a spouse would his significant other. Even higher, actually. And not because what he can do for me. That isn’t agape love.

Even if I don’t have any redeeming reason to praise him, I should. Even the rocks would cry out in praise and glory for him, and they aren’t even qualified for love, attention and redemption. Why? Because they must, because they recognize Him, because it’s their purpose for being. Like ours.

So, if Heaven and Hell and even sin weren’t existant, yes, I would. Just like Adam did in the beginning even while having the blessings of God on him, it was for no selfish reason.

I guess the question also should be, “Why do I believe in/follow Him?”


Comment by Tony

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