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The “Hipness” of Tolerance? by orchardblog
March 21, 2007, 9:38 am
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My friend and Canadian blogger, Jason Boucher, has a GREAT post on tolerance.

A few snippets:

Since when did merely “tolerating” the particular existence/opinions/behaviour that you do not necessarily agree with become a good thing? A thing that shows how evolved we are as a culture?

One thing is true, Jesus wasn’t tolerant.

He didn’t invite you and I to “tolerate our enemies.”

Doesn’t tolerance give off the sound of a hollow clanging symbol, or the annoyance of a mis-placed gong?

Read the entire post here.

Posted by Scott Hodge


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this post is so true. I’ve been having many conversations with my teen sons about tolerance, support, right/wrong, and all of this….and how “relative truth” plays into our whole culture! wow–to see from a teen’s perspective is eye opening!

Comment by rindy

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