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“I’m Bored!!!” by orchardblog
June 9, 2007, 11:28 am
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Within hours of school being out you’ll probably hear the words: “MOM, I’M BORED!”

I remember saying them to MY mom soon after school was out.

Guess what, boredom is a GOOD thing, according to Kathy Hirsch-Pasek, co-author of Einstein never used flash cards: “If we want kids to be creative problem solvers, being bored is a gift in disguise . Boredom prompts a child to fill his time with creativity and exploration. It helps a child discover that problems don’t have instant solutions.”

Now, when you hear “I’m bored” … just smile and realize this is the perfect time for your child to use their gift of creativity!

Let your children come up with things to make, build, and create … a play to act out, a dance routine to choreograph, a model airplane to build, a scrapbook to construct, or a kickball game to organize? Enjoy the summer!!!!!

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My kids don’t yet say “I’m bored” but they do wander and get into mischief. That’s when I know I need to focus their attention. I suggest 2 or 3 things they can do/play with and they are to pick one. Sometimes they will come up with something else now that their minds are engaged. I wonder what it will be like when they’re older.

Comment by Joni

I definitely remember that boredom when I was a young child and all the great discoveries and creative things I realized during these times! It was necessary. Ahhh~ good times! Thanks for this post.

Comment by Kyle Minckler

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