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07.01.07 by Mike Jones
July 3, 2007, 2:42 pm
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Rockin’ The Orchard 2
Johnny B Goode – Scott Hodge
Sunday 07.01.07

The Time Has Come – Hillsong United
Here Is Our King – David Crowder Band
Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry
Voice Of Truth – Casting Crowns

Johnny B Goode might not have been anybody special, but people saw potential in him. God sees potential in you too.

Are you making a difference with the potential God has placed in you? Most of us don’t because we can’t get past our comfort zone. God wants to do great things through us, but we have to be willing to step out of the boat.

Check out the podcast to hear the questions that Scott asked to help move us forward as Christ followers.

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Wow -this is Huge!!! This week I have taken that difficult step out of my boat and put my trust in God !! I believe God does put potential in ALL of us but if we dont see it, it will be wasted. Sometimes you cant see it because it may be a bad comfort holding you! IT takes courage then to step away. Courage can be so rewarding but also very scary – if you stumble, you need to TRUST that God is with you. !! I have found TRUST at the Orchard with God & with friends!

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