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God is at work in El Salvador! by orchardblog
August 3, 2007, 8:31 am
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I wanted to share an email that I received a day or two ago from our missions team leader who is in El Salvador right now with a team from our church community doing work in a local orphanage.  Sounds like God is really using these guys in a big way.  Here’s a little bit of what Matt wrote:

Our flights were great, no delays, no crazy landings, half-decent food, the whole works.   And it was THAT night once we got to our ‘dorms’ that I began to realize what an awesome team we have.  This group SCREAMS diversity, yet since we left on Saturday, we have had a blast being with each other and serving.  Even though our team is all adults, we have ages from 18 to fifties.  We have marrieds and singles.  We have parents and non-parents.  We have 5 men and 5 women.  We have Spanish speakers and non-spanish speakers.  I can’t tell you enough that God crafted the team that He wanted to come down here.  We are discovering the talents and abilities that He specifically called us to be down here to use.   

Sunday was a special day for the home.  It was visitor’s day, which means that parents & family could come to the afternoon church service held at the home and then spend some time with their kids.  We were able to play some songs for them during their evening service and our entire team sang How Great Is Our God and Come, Now Is The Time To Worship.  The kids sang along too . . . in Spanish! But it was fantastic!

Today, we started our work projects.  A few people were working on painting some bed frames for the kids’ dorms and a few others helped clean and paint a huge exterior wall of the Benner’s house (the Benners are the ones who founded and run the ministry).  We also had a small team of people working on a very large retaining wall that will surround the medical clinic that the Benners are building.  And after long day at work, we got some great time to spend with the kids. 

Tomorrow, half of our team will be going to one of the surrounding poverty-stricken areas and take part in the feeding ministry (called Oasis).  The other half will go on Thursday.  Our group has said that it is very apparent how blessed we are in the United States, but once the group experiences Oasis, it puts things in an even greater perspective.  

Scott, I am really excited about this experience is changing people already.  You said it after your trip to Thailand and the Gardas said it last Sunday that most of the time the people who are affected most by a mission trip experience are those who went to serve.  We have been here two days and you wouldn’t believe the testimonies, the changed hearts, the self-reflection, and the motivation that people from this team have already developed.   God is certainly doing some work on us, and I pray that it is brought home and shared with more people in our church.   

Would you take some time today to pray for our team in El Salvador?  They will be back this weekend right in time for our BBQ & Baptism.  I can’t wait to hear the stories!

Posted by Scott Hodge 


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