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Goodbye Summer, Hello School! by orchardblog
August 10, 2007, 4:05 pm
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School days are soon approaching! Trading in the flip flops and fun of summer for busy, homework filled school days can be upsetting for anyone. Here are some suggestions for easing your family back into the school routine and avoiding back-to-school blues.

Avoid body-clock shock
Before school begins, have you children go to bed and wake up according to their school year schedule.

Make a Plan
Research shows that children are more accepting of decisions that they helped make! Have a family meeting over pizza to talk about the back-to-school routine. Discuss when homework gets done, what the limits on TV and computer time should be, and discuss the after school drill and chore schedule.

Build Positive Anticipation
Your child may have forgotten that school can be fun! Pull out pictures or a video of last year’s field day or school play. Talk about their school friends, their accomplishments, or about the things they enjoyed. Plan something they can look forward to this fall…the Fall Fun Fest or Small Groups for Kids!!

Arrange for Fall Downtime
Be careful not to fill their schedule with too many after school activities. This might make the transition even more difficult after so much free time your child got to have in the summer.

Stay Upbeat
If you are upset about summer’s end, your child will pick up on that. Try to keep any regrets about summer’s end to a minimum. And make sure to ease not just your kids but yourself into fall’s frenzy, too.

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So you’re saying we shouldn’t show up an hour early on the first day of school and cheer when the kids get out of the car? Good tip.

Actually, we were thinking of doing a family date before school starts. Perhaps a Ratatouille(sp?) outing.

Comment by Joni

Kathryn, these are great tips! We have been practicing the night/morning bed times and wake up times for many years. The kids don’t like it, but when school starts, we don’t have any problems getting up. Thanks for the other great ideas!

Comment by Dolores

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