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First Wednesday Prayer by orchardblog
October 4, 2007, 11:52 am
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Here at the Orchard, we take the first Wednesday night of each month and set it aside to gather for worship, reflection, and prayer as a community. I love this opportunity! We are able to gather as a family, put first things first, and connect with God and each other in a way we are not able to do on weekends, because of time and guest considerations. (And technology is so cool – Scott was able to participate via video from Atlanta, where he is attending the Catalyst conference. We live in a great age!)

Last night we had a POWERFUL first Wednesday experience! The Orchard is facing a very strategic season of ministry – with the launch of our new third service (Saturday nights at 5pm starting 10/20), a host of new volunteers (see this post), and a mailer advertising our new series Suburban Myths set to break in nearly 40,000 homes… we are working hard to maximize our influence and impact.

But last night was about stopping the work, and the planning, and the tasklists… and simply quieting ourselves before God in prayer. Corporately seeking His face and blessing on all the upcoming ministry opportunites. We sent the 140 or so people in attendance to four key areas on our property – the Auditorium, the Student Ministry Center, the Orchard Kids area, and our parking lot – to pray over these areas and the people who will be arriving there shortly. We prayed over our volunteers, the guests, our members… that God’s spirit would move through us and in us! During that 20 minutes of silent prayer, people were moving all over our property praying… I was moved to tears! It was also cool to go home and calculate that 140 people, praying 20 minutes each, sent over 46 “man-hours” worth of prayer to heaven last night! It would have taken a single person almost two full days of prayer to accomplish what our Orchard family did last night! I know that pleased God – but it also thrilled me!

Thanks Orchard family for all of your work, dedication, and prayerful expectation. This is going to be one of the best seasons of ministry we have ever seen!



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My husband and I attended First Wednesday for the first time last night and met some new people and just when I thought I couldn’t feel more confident that this is the church I want to call “home” I left there last night certain that I have found the place that has been the missing part of what I need to feel complete. Thank you Orchard! I look foward to many more moments like that! =)

Comment by Janelle Perez

So sad I missed First Wednesday. It sounded like it was a GREAT night!

Comment by kathryn

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