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09.23.07 – Setlist by Mike Jones
September 30, 2007, 9:14 pm
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Open House
Kitchen – Scott Hodge
Sunday 09.23.07

Here’s our music setlist from Sunday:
Worship You Forever – Todd Fields
Awesome Is The Lord Most High- Chris Tomlin
Everything glorious- David Crowder Band
Work- Jars of Clay

The Kitchen is the place where we grow together. It’s the place where we sit down at the table and have family talks, share meals together and share accountability together. It’s the place of community. We want everyone at the Orchard to be taking steps toward the kitchen. The primary way this happens is through small groups.

Are you part of a small group?

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Blown Away! by orchardblog
September 19, 2007, 11:19 am
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Wow – my first post on the Orchard Blog… drumroll please 🙂 Seriously, this is Chris Bell, and I am glad to be part of the Orchard team. I have been blown away by The Orchard’s response to our “R&R” request! Don’t know what “R&R” is? Read on!

In just four and half short weeks, we are going to launch our third service, which will be on Saturday nights. Beginning on Saturday, October 20th, at 5pm, we are going to begin offering the same great service experience on Saturday nights that we currently offer on Sunday mornings (at 9:00 and 10:45). But, in order to serve the same great coffee, welcome people with the same level of excellence, and minister to all of the kids in the same high-quality manner, we realized we were going to need LOTS of new volunteers.

So, we began asking our current volunteers to step forward and commit to serving ONE SATURDAY NIGHT a month for 6 months. To date, over 120 volunteers have agreed to do just that!!! But we realized that this was only a short-term solution. It would allow us to begin Saturday nights with experienced, qualified volunteers, but unless we recruited and reproduced ourselves into brand new volunteers, we would all hit the wall, and burn out hard!

So we have challenged all of our people to “R&R” – Recruit one new volunteer in September, and Reproduce themselves in that volunteer in October, November, and December.

Why am I blown away? Besides the 120 current volunteers that have agreed to serve one Sat night a month for six months, we have had over 100 new volunteers agree to begin serving in various ministries to help us accomplish our mission of Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ! Keep it up Orchard church family – your R&R is blowing me away! Great job!


09.16.07 – Setlist by Mike Jones
September 18, 2007, 11:46 pm
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Open House
Living Room – Scott Hodge
Sunday 09.16.07

Here’s our music setlist from Sunday:
Tell The World – Hillsong United
Glorious One – Steve Fee
Awesome God – Hillsong United
All To You – Lincoln Brewster
The Face of Love – Sanctus Real

The Living Room is the place where we serve together. A place where we begin building relationships and making connections. It’s the place where we believe you’ll get to know others by putting your heart and hands to the area of greatest demand. Something we call Strategic Service.

Sign up today!

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09.09.07 – Setlist by Mike Jones
September 10, 2007, 11:58 am
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Open House
Foyer – Scott Hodge
Sunday 09.09.07

Be Glorified – Passion
Glorious One – Steve Fee
Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
Our House – Madness

The Foyer – the first place a guest sees when entering your home. For us here at the Orchard, it’s primarily our weekend services.

Are you committing to attend Saturday nights? We are launching our Saturday night services on October 20th! This third service is going to be identical to our existing services in every way (except that it will be on Saturday evening). We are looking for 50 people who normally attend our 9:00am service and 75 people who normally attend our 10:45am service to commit to Saturday nights through the end of the year (10 weeks).

Will you commit to being a part of the BIG 10 Saturday night launch? Sign up at the information center!

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09.02.07 – Setlist by Mike Jones
September 8, 2007, 11:44 am
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Love The Change – Chris Bell
Sunday 09.02.07

All Because of Jesus – Steve Fee
Here is Our King – David Crowder Band
It’s Not Over – Daughtry
Beautiful The Blood – Steve Fee
Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall

God’s love empowers us to leave the past, engage the present, and create the future.

Posted by Mike Jones