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Report from Birmingham by orchardblog
June 20, 2007, 6:17 am
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I’ve been receiving some encouraging emails from our student team who is down in Birmingham, Alabama doing missions work.  It certainly sounds like THEIR lives are being just as impacted as the people’s lives who they are there to reach out to!  Isn’t that how it usually works?   Here are a couple of reports:

This whole trip has been very humbling altogether. I always knew that I could be a missionary here in my home town and everything because that’s what everyone always tells me but somewhere in my heart i always thought that, you know, going to another country was better though because they need more help than we do here. I have found how completely wrong I have been in that thinking. People need just as much help here as they do in Africa or Panama or something like that. It might be more “popular” to go to exotic places and help them out there, but after seeing the reality of poverty and hurt in my own country, I have seen how easily it has been overlooked.

The most awesome part of this mission trip though was last night. You see, there has been this drought in Alabama for the longest time. Last night we were all debriefing and were all so connected to eachother and God. I could totally feel God’s presence. Well I mean I know he’s always there but I could really tell that he was touching every single person’s heart. Everyone was still shocked at their day and amazed at the work God is doing and all of sudden… it started pouring. Immediately I thought of the Michael W. Smith song Healing Rain.  Healing Rain really is falling down. The work Tracy is doing down here. The things we are doing with these kids. The connections we are making with each other… it’s all healing rain. Falling down on Birmingham and soothing the hurt and the pain that poverty is bringing them. I love and miss you all, my Orchard family.

Thank you for keeping our students in your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll share more updates as they show up!

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